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Application for metal depot at old abattoir site

A development application has been lodged with Central Coast Council seeking consent for the establishment of use of the old Woy Woy abattoir site at 170 Woy Woy Rd as a metal depot.

The metal depot has been operating on the site without Council approval for 30 months, according to documents lodged with Central Coast Council.

Council had called on the land owner to take immediate steps to remedy the unlawful use of the premises and to remedy environmental issues raised.

The application for the establishment of use was lodged on Wednesday, January 4, by Cardno NSW-ACT Pty Ltd on behalf of Peninsula Industrial Park Pty Ltd.

If successful, the application will remedy the business' unlawful use of the land.

The environmental breaches were being addressed by the tenant under separate cover, according to the statement.

According to a Statement of Environmental Effects, the site is located within the Peninsula Industrial Park, on the western outskirts of Woy Woy, adjacent to the main northern railway line and was previously known as the Woy Woy Abattoir which closed in 2004.

"The site is now known as the Peninsula Industrial Park, which...occupies a space of approximately 12.5 hectare with a perimeter boundary of approximately 1.56km...enclosed by bushland to the north and west, a railway line to the south and Woy Woy Rd to the east...currently consists of industrial uses, cleared land and three dams.

"Woy Woy Creek traverses the site."

A letter from Council to the landowner dated November 3 stated that an inspection had resulted in Council forming the view that, in addition to operating without approval, the business was not operating in an environmentally-satisfactory manner.

"Batteries were not stored with adequate secondary containment to prevent fluids from entering the environment should a leak, spill or escape occur.

"Various leaks, spills and escapes of oil were located on the ground throughout the premises."

There was found to be "inadequate fencing to prevent waste from leaving the premises in the event of windy conditions".

"No protection exists on the stormwater inlet in close proximity to the premises.

"A portion of the premises was dirt and not hardstand allowing for air pollution and water pollution risks.

"Parts such as motors and radiators were stored without adequate bunding.

"Unconsolidated waste material was littered throughout the premises on the ground."

The letter from Council to the land owner said: "A search of Council records has failed to identify the required development application to change the use of the premises."

The land is zoned IN1 General Industrial under the Gosford Local Environmental Plan 2014.

The area subject to the application is known as Australian Metal Refinery and is near the entrance to the industrial park.

The business is fenced on all sides with a lockable gate and occupies 1530 square metres of land.

The area contains an office, three parking spaces, truck loading, machinery, ferrous metal piles and bins containing non-ferrous metals.

Another 10 parking spaces are located within the industrial park for use by Australian Metal Refinery, according to a Statement of Environmental Effects.

According to the statement, no refining takes place at the site, which has operated from 7:30am to 4pm Monday to Friday and from 7:30am to 11:30am on Saturdays for the past 30 months.

The business proposes to store 600 tonnes per annum of non-ferrous metals and 1200 tonnes per annum of ferrous metals for recycling as well as 15 tonnes of batteries for reuse and another five tonnes of batteries for recycling.

The business employs four full-time staff and two part-time.

Ferrous metals are stacked in a pile at the site and collected by a third-party truck while non-ferrous metals are stored in bins and bought by a metal works.

The Statement of Environmental Effects concluded that: "The proposed development is local development under the terms of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979 (as amended) and has been assessed against the requirements of Section 79(c)(1) of the Act, Gosford LEP 2014, and Council's Development Control Plan 2013.

"The metal depot is permissible with consent within the IN1 General Industrial zone.

"In this regard, it is considered that the proposal satisfies the aims and objectives as well as the prescriptive requirements of the above controls.

"The metal depot has been in operation at this site for 30 months and is situated within an industrial park.

"Therefore, it is in keeping with surrounding uses.

"Accordingly, Council's favourable consideration for the 'Establishment of Use' is requested."


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